About Us

Welcome to AKASO.

AKASO was founded in 2010 by a group of accomplished engineers and designers, who firmly believed that high-quality and well-designed technology products and services should be accessible to the world. To achieve this, we have been unwavering in our pursuit of advances in innovation, quality, design, user experience, and efficiency in an effort to provide the best technology products that are accessibly priced to our users.

AKASO builds high quality, extremely affordable action cameras and auto gear that enables everyone to #go beyond, action camera capture and share the most stunning adventure moments, dash cameras help you immerse yourself in the safety and comfort driving experience.

Our current focus is on the advancement of consumer electronics that encourage a lifestyle of stunning and efficient living. Our products embody action camera, dash cam, drones and other consumer electronics. You’ll be surprised to discover how much more capable our products are compared to their predecessors!

We want to share that passion and deliver innovative solutions to you and the rest of the world. Every product from AKASO was created with one goal in mind—Go Beyond and Enrich life with technology.
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