AKASO P4 360 Degree Dash Camera

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AKASO P4 360 Degree Dash Camera is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

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360 degree


Wide Mode

Front wide viewing angle recording mod, swap up or down to adjust the camera viewing angle.


Ball Mode

360-degree viewing mode, swap around to adjust the viewing angle.


Around Mode

Shows front and rear view, swap up or down on front view or rearview can adjust the viewing angle.


Four Mode

The screen shows a front view, rear view, left view and right view simultaneously. You can adjust each view by swapping up or down on the screen.

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Reversing Image for Safe Parking

Automatically switch reversing images when reversing, to prevent reversing tragedies.

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G-Sensor & Emergency Lock

Automatically detect a sudden shake/collision and lock the footage to prevent the video from being overwritten even in loop recording.

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Seamless Loop Recording

Overwrites the oldest footage to prevent the recording from stopping when the memory card is full. 32GB SD card included.

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24 hours Parking Monitor

Dash cam will automatically power on and start recording when the car is hit during parking.

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5" HD Touch Screen

The display for video recording, playback, settings, viewing mode button is on the mirror itself which is touch-sensitive. Enjoy more convenient user experience and clear visual experience.

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32GB SD Card Included

Support 16-128GB SD Card(with 32GB SD card included). For 64GB or 128GB card, please format it on the dash camera before using.

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Easy Installation

This dash camera is easy to install, mount the front camera in your rear mirror and install a rear camera above your license plate, then the dash cam will record the front view and rear view automatically when you start your car.

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