AKASO DL9 1080P Backup Cam 10'' Stream Media Touch Screen DVR with 32GB Card

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DL9 mirror dash cam

10" Stream Media Screen

AKASO DL9 Mirror Dash Cam with 10" Stream Media Touch Screen

1080P Front Camera with 1080P Waterproof Rear Camera, Reversing Image, 340° Wide Angle

What is Stream Media Screen?

  • Ultra-HD video is transmitted to the display screen in real-time
  • Strong light inhibits rain and fog, strong night vision
  • Large wide Angle view, covering five lanes
  • No interference, splash, water, dust resistant rear camera

When the car starts, the screen is shown the rear image default, you can clearly see behind of the car, provide more safety for driving.

  • 10" Stream Media Touch Screen
  • Reversing Image
  • Dual Recording (Front: 1080P, Rear: 1080P)
  • Dual Cams View(340° Wide Angle)
  • Emergency Lock (Built-in G-sensor)
  • Loop Recording & Parking Monitor
  • WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)
What's Included
  • 1 x AKASO DL9 Dash Cam
  • 1 x Rear Camera
  • 1 x Rear Extension Cable
  • 1 x Car Charger Adapter( Input 24V/12V, output 5V/2A)
  • 2 x Straps
  • 2 x 3M Pads
  • 2 x Screws
  • 1 x Crowbar + 5 cable clips
  • 1 x Quick Guide

Reversing Image

When reversing, the screen will automatically switch to the rear camera image, a guideline for parking makes the reversing more secure, no back-up area.

Emergency Lock

AKASO DL9 dash cam is built-in G-sensor when any collisions will activate, the current video will be locked urgently to save and ensure that it is not overwritten, when the card is full, keep the important evidence for you.

Parking Monitor

The parking monitor makes sure the dash camera can record and save videos automatically when the car is hit during parking, at the same time the video is locked, cannot be overwritten, save the important evidence.

Wide Viewing Angle

The angle of the front and rear camera can be up to 340°, no blind spots, safer. The car DVR can cover up to 5 lanes of traffic ahead, safer.

Touch Screen

Dash Cam utilizes a 10" IPS Touch Screen. Slide from left or right to right or left on the screen to switch the front/rear cameras, slide up/down to switch the angle of the front/rear cameras.

Stretch Lens

The front cam of AKASO DL9 dual-camera adopts a stretch lens, can be slid to the side. Very flexible and freely adjust the Angle, easy installation!

Micro SD Card Storage

This mirror dash cam supports max. 128GB Micro SD card Cass 10+ (included 32GB).For 64GB or 128GB card, please format it on the dash camera before using.

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